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Photo credit EVA HAMBACH AFPGetty Images Legislation to protect unborn children from abortions after 20 weeks has made its way through the House and now the Senate looks to take up a vote. With the March for Life on Friday, Pro-life groups will pressure Congress to act on the...
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Photo by Jaap ArriensNurPhoto via Getty Images Scott Jones says that we're fighting so hard, people are finding issues with tax reform. He says that President Obama took over in a recession, but had job growth.
Photo by Jeffrey GreenbergUIG via Getty Images A candidate for Governor in Illinois is floating out a per mile gas tax. People from Illinois already have a lot of taxes and people that drive would be taxed even more.
Photo credit ALEX EDELMAN AFP Getty Images Jarrett Stepman says that there are themes through all the stories that the President highlighted at through his Fake News Awards. There is a rush to put out the stories without full confirmation. He says polls show that faith in the...
Photo Credit Getty Images Gary Byrne says that the Lewinsky Scandal ruined a lot of lives, and his career. He says the scandal was no secret to the staff. He says Monica Lewinsky knew what she was doing and describes her as part rock star groupie and part stalker.
Photo by Alex WongGetty Images Rep. Shimkus says explains what the Continuing Resolution that would keep the government open until February 16th has in it.
Video of FM News Talk 97.1- Fox News Radio - St. Louis, MO
Photo by Craig Barritt Getty Images for The Robin Hood Foundation Some Republicans as have already called for Governor Greitens to step down. Annie Frey says it seems the families have dealt with the affair in their own ways, but any way you go about it, it's very sad. Now what...