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Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWNAFPGetty Images A teacher will be taking his pension and collecting a new salary in a different state. Video of Susan Pendergrass 2-23-18 Teacher Pensions in Missouri
Photo credit SAUL LOEB AFPGetty Images Blair Ellis says there's a lot of energy at CPAC and people are excited to learn and excited about the Republican movement. She says people are hearing from the best and brightest conservatives.
Photo by Jennifer Graylock Getty Images Governor Greitens has been charged with felony invasion of privacy. Tim Jones explains the ins and outs of the charges and the case.
Photo Credit Getty Images Jay Ashcroft says that the voter ID law has helped with voting and it's good government and common sense.
Photo by Michael B. ThomasGetty Images Bob Parks says that the cause of children snapping and killing is psychotropic drugs.
Photo by Viktor DrachevTASS via Getty Images Jerry Hobbs, a retired superintendent, says that there are some schools putting in better security systems, but a lot of schools think it just won't happen to them. He talks about a student he had in his district that had a similar...
Photo Getty Images Jim Vesterman says that Raptor Technologies software is used in more than 20,000 schools. There are 2 instant scans that are run on drivers' license, one is a sex offender scan, and the other is a custom database.
Photo by Chip SomodevillaGetty Images Brian Maloney talks to Marc from CPAC about how the Florida shooting is over shadowing events. He says the media is placing pressure on the President. He says that there aren't any suggestions beyond gun control even though people should be...