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Credit: Drew Angerer / Staff Megan Barth talks about Milo Yiannopoulos' being uninvited to speak at CPAC. She also discusses President Trump's comments about the 'dishonest media.' Watch interview below:
Credit: Spencer Platt / Staff The Supreme Court is considering if this lawsuit can go forward. They are looking at if there is actually a claim. The Mexican citizen died on Mexican soil. Watch interview below:
Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Staff Marc discusses voter fraud and if there are any ways to prevent it with Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft. Watch interview below:
Credit: Pool / Pool Chris and Marc discuss the media statements that President Trump isn't addressing Anti-antisemitism. Another topic of discussion was Nikki Haley's statement about the U.N.'s anti-Israel bias. Watch interview below:
Credit: Brook Mitchell / Stringer Becky Noble gives us information for the STL Spirit of America Rally going on Saturday, March 4 at 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM CST. Location: Robert A Young Federal Building 1222 Spruce St, St. Louis 63103 Listen to interview below: NEVER MISS AN EPISODE...
By: Johannes Simon Prof. Allan Saxe gives Mike Pence a great rating for his wonderful news conference in the City of Brussels at the headquarters of NATO. Listen to interview below: NEVER MISS AN EPISODE OF THE MARC COX SHOW! CATCH THE PODCAST: CLICK HERE .
Credit: Joe Raedle / Staff Today marks one month in office for President Trump. It may not be a long enough period to judge an administration. The biggest accomplishment so far, according to Jon Decker, is nominating someone for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. Listen to...