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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images Sebastian Gorka says Trump means what he says and says what he means. Gorka says Trump's reaction to North Korea missile test in early July has kept them from further missle tests.
Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images Simon Owen says the child's rights in England are placed higher than the parent's. In the case where a child cannot speak for himself, a judge speaks on his or her behalf. The government will put what is in the best interest of the child first...
Photo Credit: Frederic J. Brown / Staff/ Getty Images Eric Brady says that his city becoming a sanctuary city caused a lot of trouble when his wife was killed by an illegal alien in a drunk driving incident. Yesterday Marc spoke with Illinois Governor Rauner and couldn't get a...
Photo Credit: Todd A. Swift / Contributor/ Getty Images The Bottom Line with Jeffrey Boyd discussing the Law Enforcement Tax as well as other taxes.
Photo Credit: George Frey / Stringer/ Getty Images John Henderson from The Range discusses personal protection and having proper training.
Photo Credit: Jeff Greenberg / Contributor/ Getty Images Rachel Sutherland reports that yesterday was the first meeting. She says there's a lot of controversy surrounding these meetings, and the ACLU is claiming this isn't transparent.