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The Warning Daniela - Guitar - 14 yrs old Paulina - Drums - 12 yrs old Alejandra - Bass Guitar - 9 yrs old Photo by PRPhotos.com
A runner for the University of Oregon was about to win a race on Saturday, but slowed down right before the finish line . . . started waving his arm up and down to pump up the crowd up . . . and another runner passed him at the last second. Photo by PRPhotos.com
An underground electrical issue in Buffalo, New York caused a lot of pressure to build up in the sewage system on Sunday. And while a guy was being interview by the local news, an explosion behind him launched a manhole cover about a HUNDRED FEET in the air. Photo by PRPhotos.com
A zookeeper in Holland was using a drone to get footage of chimpanzees. And a chimp sitting in a tree knocked it out of the air with a STICK. Then it jumped down to see what it was, but lost interest pretty quickly. Photo by PRPhotos.com
A filmmaker named Kaipo Jones runs a YouTube channel called Kaipotainment, where he takes regular footage, and adds special effects. This one shows what it would be like if the Imperial Army from "Star Wars" launched a full-scale attack on Los Angeles. Photo by PRPhotos.com
About once a month now, there's a new video of a soldier showing up at a hockey game to surprise his parents. The Phoenix Coyotes did it before their last game of the season on Saturday. And it was even better than usual . . . because the dad was so excited, he SPRINTED over to...
A girl on spring break was swimming in a lake in Florida recently, when a manatee started swimming next to her. And even though they only eat plants . . . she started freaking out like it was a SHARK or something. She did an interview afterward, and said she didn't know if they...
Season five of "Game of Thrones" premieres on HBO this Sunday. So "Sesame Street" posted a "Game of Thrones" parody. It's Grover learning how to play a game called "Game of Chairs" . . . which is really just MUSICAL Chairs. Photo by PRPhotos.com