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There's a video going around of a woman in a bathing suit taking a photo while she poses with a walrus. Then when she starts to walk off . . . it slaps her on the BUTT with one of its flippers.
A high school football recruit in Texas named Gary Haynes posted a video on Vine where he throws a pass way up the in air . . . then outruns it and CATCHES it. There was a similar video last year where Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs did the same thing. But that one was...
A video called "100 Days of Dance" is making the rounds right now. It's some guy who did the dance from "Napoleon Dynamite" in his bedroom 100 times in various outfits. Then combined them all into one video.
You know how they say you can see "love" in someone's eyes? Well, there's a seven-second video getting a bunch of hits online, where one of the blood vessels in a woman's eye appears to SPELL the word "love" in cursive.
PRESIDENT OBAMA did a decent roast at the White House Correspondents' Dinner over the weekend . . . but it's better to watch him BOMB. And you can watch just that in a creatively edited video on YouTube.
Some guy made tiny, one-inch-long burritos, set up a little table and chair, and then fed them to his hamsters. And he stands in the background looking nervous the whole time...like he's worried they won't like his cooking.
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