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On Wednesday, two journalists in Jordan tried to get into a physical FIGHT on live TV . . . and ended up tearing apart the DESK they were sitting at in the process. Apparently they were discussing the war in Syria, and one accused the other of accepting bribes.
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There's video of a great white shark attacking an inflatable BOAT off the coast of South Africa. And even though it popped one of the pontoons, the guys on board didn't freak out much.
KATE UPTON would like us to know that SHE HAS AN ASS, too. In a behind-the-scenes video from a recent "Sports Illustrated" shoot, Kate sings the praises of one particular bikini, because it complements that part of her anatomy. She says, quote, "You know what, my butt doesn't...
Turkish Airlines is running an ad in Europe where Euroleague basketball players pull off a bunch of crazy passes around a pool, and then one of them dunks the ball into a hoop as he jumps in . . . all in one take. It's like the trick shot videos you see on YouTube every summer...
A guy in a huge, realistic dinosaur costume threw out the first pitch at a San Diego Padres game yesterday. He tossed it with the thing's mouth, but threw a half-decent pitch anyway.
There's some pretty intense security footage of a playground taking a direct hit from an F-3 tornado in Tupelo, Mississippi last week. It goes from completely calm to CHAOS in a matter of seconds. Obviously the playground was empty at the time.