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"Game of Thrones" season four premieres this Sunday. And we've seen these before, but someone posted a new version of the opening credits to show what they'd be like if it was an 80's show.
Listener Robin sent this e-mail to us: "I am a loyal listener and enjoy your show on my way home from work every evening. I have a request to make. My son, Sgt. Thomas Goetting, made a video asking Anna Kendrick to his military ball. Please post this video on your website and...
The odds of this are ridiculous. But there's a video online that apparently shows a skydiver almost getting hit by a METEORITE during a jump. Or at least that's what experts THINK it was.
David Ross is the backup catcher for the Red Sox, and he just recreated scenes from the movie "Major League" . . . playing ALL the parts, including the Charlie Sheen , Corbin Bernsen , and Wesley Snipes' characters. But the best part is his spot-on impression of the COACH.
On Wednesday night's "Jeopardy" , a contestant named Tom Cavanaugh told Alex Trebek he'd use part of his winnings on a documentary he's making about sweatshops. Then he made it slightly awkward when he said quote, "Maybe you can find out the names of the eight-year-olds who made...
Break.com did a prank with the guy who does voiceovers for movie trailers and the 'Honest Trailers' videos series . . . they put him in charge of a fast food DRIVE-THRU.