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Cycle Showcase STL August 24, 2014 A celebration of the art and history of motorcycles from around the world, held in the Delmar Loop neighborhood of St. Louis, MO. http://cycleshowcasestl.com/
There weren't many good Fourth of July videos on YouTube this year, but this one makes up for it. Some guy built a Roman Candle MACHINE GUN, that fires 900 shots in just over a MINUTE. Photo by PRPhotos.com
If you have 30 seconds, check out this video because it shows just how many impressions you can do using only GIBBERISH. Photo by PRPhotos.com Each one is about a second long. And some of the impressions are pretty good, including the ones of Michael Cera , Seth Rogen , and Alf .
Don't miss the old woman at 1:57. She doesn't get hurt . . . she's just awesome . Photo by PRPhotos.com