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If you have kids in college, you'll LOVE this. Some girl in Australia told her dad that if he could make a one-handed basketball shot OVER his shoulder, WITHOUT looking, he didn't have to give her any money for the rest of his LIFE. So he shot the ball, and it was WAY too far...
Dave reflects on his youth and an elusive pair of shoes he couldn't wait to own.
A guy in Poland who goes by the YouTube name S.A. WARDEGA posts prank videos, and has over 2 million subscribers. And his latest video of a dog dressed as a giant spider has gotten over 50 million hits in the last FOUR DAYS. Basically, he pranked people by setting up huge fake...
A GoPro video of a dog running into the ocean in Italy picked up a ton of hits on the web. The camera is strapped to its back, and it starts with the dog jumping over a fence. Then it sprints to the water. Fun!
A guy from California named Gentry Stein won the yo-yo world championship in the Czech Republic. And you can check out his winning routine online. It's about three minutes of tricks you'll never be able to do. I'm pretty sure Mark Klose would consider this a waste of time.