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Photo by PRPhotos.com A woman in South Africa posted a video where she's inside a tent on a nature preserve, and two LIONS are licking water off the outside of it. But they either don't know she's there or they don't care. So...they don't try to eat her.
Photo by PRPhotos.com Someone posted a video of a guy sitting in traffic in his Tesla. And he's letting the autopilot feature drive for him while he appears to be taking a NAP.
A 23-year-old woman in Milwaukee got pulled over for speeding last week. And while both of her doors were open, she floored it in reverse . . . rammed the cop car behind her . . . and drove off. One of her doors knocked a cop down, and the other one knocked down a woman who was...
Photo by PRPhotos.com This happened a few weeks ago, but it just blew up online. A news anchor in San Francisco named Catherine Heenan was on the air, and talked about how LeBron James is doing "Space Jam 2." Then a sports anchor named Gary Radnich acted like he was angry,...
Photo by PRPhotos.com A woman in Texas bought a Chewbacca mask last week that makes Wookie sounds when you talk. Then she went on Facebook and livestreamed herself trying it on . . . and now it's the most-viewed livestream EVER on Facebook. As of last night, it had over 130...
Photo by PRPhotos.com Baby boomer Darth Vader thought his mundane existence at the factory was manageable, until hipster millennial know-it-all Kylo Ren shows up. (Our thanks to Greg Burmeister, VP of Marketing at OMNI for the video.)
Photo by PRPhotos.com Someone in Minnesota posted a video of a 22-year-old professional skateboarder named Cody Davis grinding on a handrail. Then after he lands . . . he skates out into the middle of a street . . . and comes about six inches away from being nailed by a car.
Photo by PRPhotos.com A weatherman in West Virginia named Bryan Hughes was on TV the other day, when the screen behind him switched to a live shot of a highway. And he screamed because there was a spider on the lens. WOWK 13 Charleston, Huntington WV News, Weather, Sports
Photo by PRPhotos.com This looks like it's probably 20 years old, but a clip of reporters doing a story about the Iowa State Fair is going viral . . . because they can't stop laughing at a pig with giant TESTICLES.