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Photo by PRPhotos.com It's amazing women can even walk in high heels, let alone do something athletic: A professional surfer named Maud Le Car recently went SURFING in heels and a cocktail dress, and had no problem catching waves.
Photo by PRPhotos.com 18-year-old Pasha Bumchik is a popular YouTuber in the Ukraine, and recently did something you've probably only seen in movies. He jumped onto the roof of a train as it was leaving a station, then ran along the top and jumped from car to car.
Photo by PRPhotos.com Some guy says his girlfriend had never tried it before, because she's allergic to caffeine. So he told her the caffeine-free stuff pretty much tastes the same, and bought her a two-liter bottle. And the video of her drinking it is great, because she gets...
Photo by PRPhotos.com A news channel in Albania recently hired a new anchor named Enki Bracaj, who's 21 and does things a little differently. Specifically, she reads the news with her top halfway open, so viewers get a very hefty helping of CLEAVAGE when they tune in.
Photo by PRPhotos.com A video of a rat in New York running off with a slice of pizza went viral this week. And now there's "Milkshake Squirrel". A squirrel climbed into a trash can . . . pulled out a half-full milkshake . . . popped the top off . . . and started drinking it.
Photo by PRPhotos.com A 14-second video of a rat trying to carry a full slice of pizza down a flight of stairs at a subway station in New York is making the rounds.
Photo by PRPhotos.com A guy in Saudi Arabia was walking down the street last month when a pane of glass fell from the building he was next to and almost KILLED him. In the video, it looks like he stops to check his shoe for gum right before it happens, and a bunch of websites...