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A reporter for a TV station in Australia named Mike Amor was at a skate park in Venice Beach, California recently. And in the middle of his report, a kid behind him fell off his skateboard . . . which flew up in the air, and nailed Mike right in the back of the HEAD. The footage...
When BILL COSBY refused to answer questions about those rape allegations during an NPR interview last week, it wasn't the first time this month that he'd done that. During a VIDEO interview with the Associated Press on November 6th, Bill was asked about the allegations, and he...
Thanksgiving videos are suddenly EVERYWHERE online. The people who did the videos of hamsters eating tiny burritos earlier this year posted a new one where they eat a tiny Thanksgiving meal. Photo by PRPhotos.com
A pop star in China named Rollin Wang recently posted a weird chicken-themed music video for a song called "Chick Chick." And everyone's saying it's the next "Gangnam Style" . . . but more annoying, because half of it is her screaming like a chicken. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Remember the Star Wars parody "All About That Base - No Rebels? .... Well, here's another parody of Meghan Trainor's hit song...this time with a Turkey Day twist. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Darren Wilson, his union lawyer Greg Kloeppel, and two police officers leave the Ferguson police station for the hospital at 2:08 p.m. on Aug. 9, the day Wilson shot Michael Brown Jr.
A malfunction recently caused an entire fireworks display in Italy to go off at the same time. According to the guy who posted it on YouTube, no one was seriously hurt . . . which is kind of amazing when you see the video. Photo by PRPhotos.com