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As expected, MICHAEL JACKSON performed last night at the "Billboard Music Awards" . . . in HOLOGRAM form. He "sang" his "new" song "Slave to the Rhythm" , from his "new" album, "Xscape" . The performance definitely got the crowd pumped. "He" also danced a precisely-choreographed...
Mark Klose had never seen Kate Upton's "Cat Daddy" dance....until today. Find our other Kate Upton posts HERE and HERE. --- Check out our other Vines and pictures HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for more follow me on Vine and Twitter @MaxOnMovies
The Homers for Health 2014 Home Run Derby took place this afternoon in Forest Park. Dave had a chance to talk to heavy hitter, Matt Holliday.
Four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo was playing on his bike in his front yard in Bakersfield, California on Tuesday. And out of nowhere, the neighbor's dog ATTACKED him . . . latched onto his leg . . . and pulled him off the bike. But before it could get a LOT worse, Jeremy was...
They intentionally sunk a boat off the coast of Florida near Palm Beach last year, and put two GoPro cameras on board . . . one on the deck, and another one below deck.
Kirk vs. Gorn - Classic Star Trek fight! More than four decades after they first squared off on an isolated desert planet, William Shatner comes face-to-face again with the menacing Gorn species of STAR TREK fame ... but this time the battle begins on a comfy sofa.