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This CT scan shows a BB in the middle of the brain of a guy named Mark, from a BB gun fight he had as a kid. You can see the entrance defect in his skull at the upper left of the image. Ouch! Our thanks to Dr. Matt Conoyer for the photo. Find him by clicking HERE.
After his Taxi Driver comedy (click HERE ) and his T.Rex/Jaws movie (click HERE ), we present Pat McGonigle's masterpiece: BREE SMITH AS ROCKY AND ADRIAN from Rocky 3!
Some guy posted videos last month of a remote control drone he built that looks like the Millennium Falcon from "Star Wars" (see those HERE ), and now he's got a new one that looks like a tie fighter. Or if you wanna be a total NERD about it, it's technically a tie interceptor...
Here is Pat McGonigle's follow up to his AWESOME T. REX VIDEO that you can see HERE. Photo by PRPhotos.com
A guy in Ireland tried to break into a car recently by smashing a window with a brick. But it must have been shatterproof, because it bounced off and hit him in the FACE.
There's a video called "Amazing Selfie Proposal" you should check out. It's a guy pretending to take a selfie with his girlfriend, but he's actually shooting video. And the look on her face when he gets down on one knee is pure SHOCK. Then she says yes. Photo by PRPhotos.com