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Some singer named Rob Cantor came up with a pretty clever way to promote his new album. He does impressions too, so he recorded himself singing a song called "Perfect" . . . as 29 different celebrities. He starts as Randy Newman , then does Jack Black , Kermit the Frog , and...
The U.S. got knocked out of the World Cup yesterday, losing to Belgium 2-1 in extra time. It definitely wasn't the goalie's fault though. TIM HOWARD made 16 saves. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Here's a video with a guy trying to get an owl out of his kitchen. And he resorts to poking it with a Swiffer until it perches on it. Then he slowly puts it through the window, and it flies off. The funny (scary?!) part is how the owl is staring straight into the camera the...
The latest Game of Thrones parody is from the Syfy channel show "The Wil Weaton Project" , which featured a new version of the opening credits . . . if they were done in the style of "The Brady Bunch" theme. Photo by PRPhotos.com
A video of a guy and his daughter driving in their car, singing "Let It Go" from "Frozen" picked up millions of hits over the weekend. He acts all excited for her, but you can tell it's the millionth time he's heard it. (Photo by PRPhotos.com)
On Thursday, a guy in Russia was walking down the street, stopped for a few seconds, then started walking again. And it's a good thing he did, because a massive construction crane FELL, and landed right where he was just standing.
There's a video making the rounds of a Swedish guy in his socks and underwear going through a car wash . . . while lying ON TOP of the car. And it's one of those car washes where a huge spinning brush comes down. Apparently he was fine. Don't try this!!!