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High-speed cameras are a lot more affordable than they used to be. Meaning there's suddenly a lot more slow-motion footage of random stuff on YouTube. And if you haven't seen it, there's one of a hawk attacking a water balloon that's pretty cool.
I know planning a wedding is stressful. But how many women out there would prefer to not make ANY of the decisions? Well . . . apparently at least ONE. Last year, a Canadian woman named Carly Butler got back from a six-month trip to England. And she THOUGHT she was back just in...
Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a Dreamworks animation movie about a talking dog who invents a time machine, and then goes back to ancient Egypt after his "adopted" human son changes history. Ty Burrell from "Modern Family" is Mr. Peabody, Max Charles from "The Neighbors" does the...
You know the feeling of satisfaction you get from popping bubble wrap? Apparently we're not the only animals who enjoy it. If you've got a minute to waste, there's a video going around of a RACCOON doing it.
Here's something where your first question is . . . WHY? A guy named Marek Skowron uploaded a video of himself base jumping off a cliff, while eating a BANANA.
New York got a bunch of snow over the weekend. And a guy named Casey Neistat took the opportunity to film himself snowboarding through the STREETS while a friend towed him behind a Jeep.