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Possible Wormhole Appears Over Ukraine? New videos of UFOs from the 1950's: Is this an alien base on Mars? Photo by PRPhotos.com
A video of an angry silverback gorilla slamming into the safety glass at a zoo in Omaha, Nebraska is going viral . . . because he hit it so hard, he actually managed to CRACK it. Photo by PRPhotos.com
A kid named Daniel Pena posted a video on YouTube to show how he asked a girl to prom . . . because it kinda blew up in his face. He put a bunch of signs on the side of the road with messages on them. The first few said "Will you MARRY me?" . . . then next one said he was just...
A gospel singer named Ken Turner has one of the lowest singing voices in the world. And an old video of him singing a song called "Rainbow of Love" is getting a bunch of hits on YouTube. His voice is so low, it kind of just sounds like he's BURPING. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Dennis Quaid's On-Set Freak Out: The Full Video from Funny Or Die Photo by prphotos.com