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Check out Dave's video to the listener before. He might make out with a book... Video Not Found
Photo by I'm not sure how you teach a bird to do this, but some kid posted a video of his parrot sticking its head in his mouth . . . and pulling out a LOOSE TOOTH. According to the YouTube description, it's the fifth one it's pulled.
Photo by Here is Taylor Swift's new music video. Will it get more hits on our blog than Britney Spears' video without music?
Photo by BILL COSBY sat for an interview with "Nightline" Friday, and they asked him pretty point-blank questions about the rape allegations. And he answered with basically GIBBERISH. He was being interviewed about his work with the Black Belt Community, which is...
Photo by The back of a bus got nailed by a freight train in Atlanta last Wednesday, and now there's footage of it from inside the bus. One angle shows the driver, who was still in his seat when the train hit. The bus wasn't actually stuck on the tracks. There was a...