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Photo by Remember the cheesy Mentos commercials from the '90s, where a guy pops one in his mouth, and then gets a really "brilliant" idea to get out of the jam he's in? Well, there's a scene in the 1988 movie "Bloodsport" where Jean-Claude Van Damme is running from...
Photo by A guy named Bill Devaney recently proposed to his girlfriend Breanne on the shore of Lake Michigan. Now the video of it is all over Facebook, because her mom was there and missed it . . . because she tripped on a rock and face-planted in the sand right...
Check out Dave's video to the listener before. He might make out with a book... Video Not Found
Photo by I'm not sure how you teach a bird to do this, but some kid posted a video of his parrot sticking its head in his mouth . . . and pulling out a LOOSE TOOTH. According to the YouTube description, it's the fifth one it's pulled.
Photo by Here is Taylor Swift's new music video. Will it get more hits on our blog than Britney Spears' video without music?