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Here is today's video for Paranormal Tuesday from Dr. Michael Lynch, he says "Its a little long but at 22 mins in it has some good stuff."
Another new over-the-top Halloween light display is picking up a bunch of hits on YouTube. And it'll probably rack up a lot more, because it's set to the year's weirdest song, "What Does the Fox Say" .
BILL MURRAY improved his record of AWESOMENESS on Saturday by attacking 78-year-old sportscaster LEE CORSO . . . taking him to the ground and delivering several pro wrestling-style KNEE DROPS. (!!!) Bill was a guest star on ESPN's College Gameday. Corso was dressed as a Native...
A group of 21 people set a new Guinness World Record in Cleveland on Saturday . . . by simultaneously lighting their entire BODIES on fire. Yesterday, the company that sponsored the event posted the official video online.