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In Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" , VIN DIESEL plays Groot . . . a giant tree-like creature whose only line of actual dialog is "I am Groot." Thus, when the movie was translated into different languages, Diesel was able to handle his own dubbing. And Marvel was smart enough...
Someone at a music festival in Ireland recorded a woman dancing like an idiot, and flailing her arms around to the 1989 song "Pump Up the Jam" by Technotronic . And there are a couple parts where she basically looks like one of those arm-flailing balloon men you see at car...
There's a video making the rounds of a girl jumping off the high dive at a pool. But she chickens out at the last second . . . tries to grab a railing to stop herself . . . and ends up hitting another high dive right below her HARD, then cartwheeling into the water.
If you've ever dropped Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke, you know that it instantly turns all the Coke to fizz. Well, a new show called "Epic Meal Empire" did it . . . but put a guy in a Mentos SUIT, and dropped him into a VAT of Diet Coke.
Even if you don't like the band Slayer , you should check out a YouTube video where a guy rocks the song "War Ensemble" . . . on the UKULELE. Because I guarantee you've never seen a guy play ukulele while headbanging.
A waterpark in Kansas City, Kansas is about to open the world's TALLEST waterslide. It has TWO drops. The first one is 168 FEET, then your momentum takes you over a big bump, and you drop ANOTHER 50 feet. The people testing it strapped a camera to a raft with sandbags inside.