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Someone at a music festival in Ireland recorded a woman dancing like an idiot, and flailing her arms around to the 1989 song "Pump Up the Jam" by Technotronic . And there are a couple parts where she basically looks like one of those arm-flailing balloon men you see at car...
There's a video making the rounds of a girl jumping off the high dive at a pool. But she chickens out at the last second . . . tries to grab a railing to stop herself . . . and ends up hitting another high dive right below her HARD, then cartwheeling into the water.
If you've ever dropped Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke, you know that it instantly turns all the Coke to fizz. Well, a new show called "Epic Meal Empire" did it . . . but put a guy in a Mentos SUIT, and dropped him into a VAT of Diet Coke.
Even if you don't like the band Slayer , you should check out a YouTube video where a guy rocks the song "War Ensemble" . . . on the UKULELE. Because I guarantee you've never seen a guy play ukulele while headbanging.
A waterpark in Kansas City, Kansas is about to open the world's TALLEST waterslide. It has TWO drops. The first one is 168 FEET, then your momentum takes you over a big bump, and you drop ANOTHER 50 feet. The people testing it strapped a camera to a raft with sandbags inside.