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A singer named Todrick Hall has a video blowing up right now. If his name sounds familiar, he was on the ninth season of "American Idol." In the video, he and a Broadway singer named Shoshana Bean do songs from Disney movies . . . but in the style of hit songs from the '90s...
If you really want a new Apple Watch, this'll tick you off. The guys who do the YouTube series "Will It Blend" got their hands on one . . . just so they could destroy it by tossing it in a blender. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Baltimore TV station WMAR reports that a mother saw her son on television taking part in protests and went to confront him, slapping him.
Two storm chasers in Texas were driving through a storm near Dallas on Sunday when hail the size of softballs started smashing their windshield. And they got a pretty crazy video of it.
A video of a nurse freaking out when one of her patients stands up out of her wheelchair is blowing up online right now. According to the video, the girl woke up paralyzed from the waist down one day, and doctors couldn't figure out why. Then her legs suddenly started working...
Here's a bad music video for a terrible song. It's not clear if the guy who sings it is just trying to be funny, or if he really has a weird thing for ducks. Photo by PRPhotos.com