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Here's a trick to play on your kids. They have to be young enough to not understand how a REMOTE works though. Someone uploaded a video of their toddler pausing and un-pausing the TV with a toy magic wand. And obviously someone's just standing in the background with the remote...
The Blue Angels do something at airshows called the "diamond 360 maneuver," where they fly in formation . . . with their wings just 18 INCHES away from each other. And if you want to see what THEY see, you're in luck. Because there's a new video shot from one of the cockpits.
A group of idiots in Poland celebrated Easter by turning a trashcan into a makeshift CANNON. There's a video of them firing it in the middle of a street, and the blast was strong enough to knock down the guy who was holding it.
There's a video going around of firefighters in Russia, who basically made their own HOVERCRAFT using six hoses to lift a guy on a metal platform off the ground.
Someone recently strapped a camera to a remote-control helicopter, and flew it through a bunch of FIREWORKS.
There's a video going around of a girl getting a cast on her leg, apparently at a veterans hospital. And the Army medic who's treating her explains how to keep it from getting wet, in the form of a RAP.