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Click above to listen to On Demand Audio of our conversation with long-time listener Sarah, who is battling cancer and sharing her story with us. Find her blog by clicking HERE.
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Earlier this week, there was a video making the rounds of a girl dancing through her office to celebrate quitting her job. You can find it HERE. It's pretty cute and funny. Well, now her BOSS has responded . . . with his OWN video that mocks it, and lets people know the company...
There's helmet cam footage online of some downhill mountain bikers, who probably should have checked out the course before they went gung ho on it. Near the beginning of the course, the guy with the helmet cam goes off a jump. Then he goes off another one, but it turns out it's...
A new trailer for "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" hit the web yesterday . . . and it offers the first glimpse of Smaug . . . the dragon voiced by BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH . We also get to see EVANGELINE LILY as the very sexy elf Tauriel.
A photographer has lifted the lid on a famously unexplained light phenomenon that appears in an area of Missouri known as the Devil's Promenade. CLICK HERE for the full story! Watch video here: