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A motocross guy named Josh Sheehan landed the first ever triple backflip on Tuesday, and there's a video that shows it from a few different angles. Photo by PRPhotos.com
A teenager at a competition in Pennsylvania broke a world record by solving a Rubik's Cube in 5.25 seconds. The old record was 5.55 seconds. And the best part of the video is how the other kids at the competition react to it. They're all VERY into the whole Rubik's Cube scene,...
Here's a video of a baby cracking up when his dad blows on a dandelion. It actually seems like he thinks the blowing sound is what's funny, and the way he laughs is the best part.
Watch the Video The Glover Show has another huge event coming around the corner. Check out the guys and hear what you can do to get involved. Or, spread the word to someone you know who loves film! Watch the video for more details and to enter, click here . Video Not Found
A singer named Todrick Hall has a video blowing up right now. If his name sounds familiar, he was on the ninth season of "American Idol." In the video, he and a Broadway singer named Shoshana Bean do songs from Disney movies . . . but in the style of hit songs from the '90s...
If you really want a new Apple Watch, this'll tick you off. The guys who do the YouTube series "Will It Blend" got their hands on one . . . just so they could destroy it by tossing it in a blender. Photo by PRPhotos.com