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A woman at a Walmart in Texas got into a fight with a tax advisor who'd set up a table near the front doors the other day . . . and ended up HEAD-BUTTING her. It's not clear who started it, because the tax advisor seems like a nut too.
He starts with "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran , but sings it like the Beatles . Then he does the Beatles song "Something" , but sings it like Bon Jovi . Then the Bon Jovi song "Bed of Roses" , but like Elvis would sing it. And so on. It's kind of disorienting, so eventually...
A snowboarder in Romania survived a pretty serious AVALANCHE. And he uploaded a crazy helmet-cam video of it to YouTube. Photo by PRPhotos.com
The people who do the "tiny hamsters eating" videos posted a new one for Valentine's Day. It's two hamsters on a romantic date, eating tiny plates of spaghetti and meatballs. Check out tiny hamsters Thanksgiving HERE, tiny hamsters eating burritos HERE , tiny hamsters eating...
A McDonald's worker in St. Paul, Minnesota got fired recently, and wanted his last paycheck before he left. But they wouldn't give it to him, so he TRASHED the place. Photo by PRPhotos.com
A sheep and a bull (the bull is about four times the size of the sheep) run into each other, head first, and the bull is knocked out cold! Photo by PRPhotos.com