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Police got into a shootout with someone at a house in Brentwood, New Hampshire yesterday. Then the house caught on fire. A local news helicopter was filming the chaos from above on live TV, when part of the house EXPLODED. According to a report, the whole thing started when a...
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What is this mysterious aircraft allegedly filmed 'blitzing Taliban base in Afghanistan'?
A video of a rabbit eating raspberries is huge online right now . . . all because it stains the fur around its mouth red, so it looks like it's wearing lipstick. Kind of.
A 15-second video of a two-year-old seeing his first fireworks display is making the rounds. You expect him to be scared . . . but he LOVES them.
The NFL has its first openly gay player. MICHAEL SAM was selected by the St. Louis Rams in the Seventh Round of the NFL draft on Saturday. Michael got emotional when he got the call, and shed some tears. Then he got off the phone . . . kissed his BOYFRIEND . . . and smeared cake...
Someone at "The Huffington Post" searched through YouTube looking for every disastrous POLE DANCING accident. And the montage they made includes 32 pole dance fails in under two minutes. 32 Pole Dancing FAILS