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We will be featuring our pal Dennis Farrell on the blog during the football season so check out the blog as he gives fantasy football news, previews, insight and recommendations. Check him out on Twitter at @Dennis77Farrell
Katie Lineberry, from Team Girlfriend fame, and FM NewsTalk 97.1 Sales Manager, Karen Kelly, took to Asymmetric Solutions to blow off some steam. Asymmetric Solutions - Gun Range Shooting with Katie and Karen
A mall in St. Joseph, Missouri just put out what might be the worst commercial of the YEAR. It's a back-to-school ad where a guy beat boxes, while actual employees sing OFF-KEY about all the stuff you can buy. And it's so bad, we thought it had to be fake at first. But it's real.
DAVE GROHL of the FOO FIGHTERS just blew everyone out of the water with a very elaborate video, which was inspired by the 1976 horror movie "Carrie" . If you've seen it, you probably know where this is going. In the movie, Carrie is invited to the prom by some dude out of...
In a new video, GEORGE W. BUSH said didn't want to do one of those "Ice Bucket Challenges" for ALS, because he didn't think it was "presidential." So instead, he got out his wallet. He said, quote, "To you all that challenged me, I do not think it's presidential for me to be...
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