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A news anchor in West Virginia named Dan Thorn recently used some downtime to put on some music, and dance around like an idiot in his chair. And his co-anchor sat next to him the whole time looking unimpressed. At one point he grabbed her iPad while she was using it, and...
Some of those guys who dance around on the corner and twirl signs are actually pretty talented. But the best one in the WORLD might be in Houston. We don't know his name, but there's a one-minute video of him, and he's INSANELY good at it.
Thanks to listener Steve for putting this song together from the original audio you can find below. Also, our thanks to listener Tony for this version of Lohr: And our thanks to listener Don for these drawings: Hear the original madness in the audio clip below!
Find the crazy high-flying trapeze video (and more great "Anything but Work" videos) by clicking HERE.
GhostBOSters Trailer A bunch of middle school kids made a shot-for-shot remake of the "Ghostbusters" trailer. They used the real audio, and mouthed all the words. And it's SUPER low-budget, which is why it's great. Photo by PRPhotos.com
10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Man In response to the video of the woman getting harassed walking down the street in NYC, FunnyOrDie decided to see what happens when a man does the same thing. Hilarity ensues.
An unmanned rocket that was supposed to take supplies to the International Space Station EXPLODED right after lift-off last night in Virginia. It only got a few hundred feet off the ground before it happened. Then there was a much bigger explosion when it hit the ground...