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OK GO just released another elaborate music video for a song called "I Won't Let You Down" . They're the guys who did the treadmill video, the Rube Goldberg video, and one earlier this year for a song called "The Writing's on the Wall" . And they always do them in one take, with...
A video of a guy putting his pants on without using his hands while holding a BABY is picking up a ton of hits. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Some guy decided to mess with his daughter, who looks about three . . . by singing the wrong words to "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" . And she did NOT see what was funny about it. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Footage of a train in Canada blasting through snow on Tuesday is making the rounds online. There's so much snow getting kicked up off the tracks, you can barely even see the train. It just looks like a huge white cloud coming at you. Photo by PRPhotos.com
A video went viral over the weekend of a little girl dancing to a band's Grateful Dead cover on a subway platform in Brooklyn. At first, she's dancing with another woman, apparently her mom. But then a bunch of strangers start joining in. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Welcome, Pat McGonigle! Dave Glover and Pat McGonigle of KSDK go over what it's like to be an early morning news reporter. And then Dave can't stop picturing Pat in his pajamas... Watch the video below. Video Not Found
A woman at a Walmart in Texas got into a fight with a tax advisor who'd set up a table near the front doors the other day . . . and ended up HEAD-BUTTING her. It's not clear who started it, because the tax advisor seems like a nut too.