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Three years ago, a 19-year-old woman in St. Petersburg, Florida named Melissa Dohme was stabbed by her boyfriend 32 times . . . and survived. Then she started dating the paramedic who saved her, a guy named Cameron Hill. And on Monday, they got engaged. Melissa threw out the...
A 12-second clip from a game show in Japan features two women on opposite ends of a clear, plastic tube that has a COCKROACH in the middle of it. And they're trying to blow it into the other person's MOUTH. We won't tell you who wins . . . but the loser probably didn't have to...
Here is a 15-second video of a guy jumping from ledge to ledge on the 43rd story of a building. He shot it with a GoPro strapped to his head, so it's one of those videos that gives you vertigo just watching it.
OWEN WILSON says the word "wow" a LOT in his movies. Someone posted a montage of every single time he's said it, not including the animated movies he's done. And we counted 56 total. Photo by PRPhotos.com
TOM BRADY hasn't given us more than a few passing remarks about the NFL's "Deflategate" report. But CAROL Brady, a.k.a. FLORENCE HENDERSON , decided to step up and do it for him. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Several members of The Harlem Globetrotters got to meet The Pope in Italy yesterday, and gave him a jersey with his name on the back. And there's a video of them teaching him how to spin a basketball on his finger. Photo by PRPhotos.com