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A pop star in China named Rollin Wang recently posted a weird chicken-themed music video for a song called "Chick Chick." And everyone's saying it's the next "Gangnam Style" . . . but more annoying, because half of it is her screaming like a chicken. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Remember the Star Wars parody "All About That Base - No Rebels? .... Well, here's another parody of Meghan Trainor's hit song...this time with a Turkey Day twist. Photo by PRPhotos.com
Darren Wilson, his union lawyer Greg Kloeppel, and two police officers leave the Ferguson police station for the hospital at 2:08 p.m. on Aug. 9, the day Wilson shot Michael Brown Jr.
A malfunction recently caused an entire fireworks display in Italy to go off at the same time. According to the guy who posted it on YouTube, no one was seriously hurt . . . which is kind of amazing when you see the video. Photo by PRPhotos.com
JOHNNY DEPP was at something called the Hollywood Film Awards on Friday, to introduce a documentary called "Supermensch" . It's about a talent manager named Shep Gordon , and it was directed by Mike Myers . There's a good chance Johnny was HAMMERED at the time, because he was...
Last month, THIS video made the rounds where a woman in an Oktoberfest outfit flexed her pec muscles to make her CHEST bounce around to the beat of a song. And now apparently it's become a THING online, because there's a new video where a model named Sara X does the same thing,...