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Photo by PRPhotos.com A player for the women's softball team at West Point was about to be thrown out at home on Saturday. But she ended up scoring by jumping OVER the catcher...like Willie Mays Hayes in "Major League 2!"
Photo by PRPhotos.com There was a huge brawl in the eighth inning of the Blue Jays-Rangers game yesterday. And Rangers second-baseman ROUGNED ODOR landed a MASSIVE punch that caught JOSE BAUTISTA in the jaw. It happened after Bautista slid past the bag at second base to break up...
Photo by PRPhotos.com There was a high school volleyball tournament in Salt Lake City over the weekend, and a girl on a team from Idaho took a spike to the FACE. But then the ball bounced off . . . went back over the net . . . and her team got the point.
The owner of a place in Detroit that only serves salads was on the local news on Monday, and made the one joke she probably hears constantly. She got all flirty with an anchor named Jason Carr . . . told him she does yoga . . . and asked if he wanted her to toss his SALAD.