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Photo by Would "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2" be better as a drama? Someone posted a trailer that makes it look like it's a THRILLER about a violent psychopath who's losing his mind. Make sure you check out my interview with Kevin James HERE.
Photo by If you watched the first Democratic debate, you might have noticed BERNIE SANDERS likes to flail his hands around when he speaks, almost like he's playing the bongos. So someone at "The Huffington Post" superimposed ACTUAL bongos into the footage, and made...
Photo by A ridiculous ad for a lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas named Bryan Wilson is going viral, because he intentionally went WAY over-the-top with it. It starts with him doing wheelies on a motorcycle . . . he screams everything he says . . . and he calls himself the...
Photo by FAITH NO MORE rock a nursing home in their new video "Sunny Side Up" and get the residents all riled up.
Photo by There's a 19-second video of a woman dressed as Cinderella when she's in her maid outfit. But then she starts spinning around and unties a few knots . . . and it magically turns into the gown she wears to the ball.
Photo by NASA took a bunch of photos taken by the New Horizons spacecraft when it flew past Pluto back in July, and turned them into a 23-second video that's pretty cool.
Photo by We're not sure when this happened, but there's a video of a crazy guy running around with a MACHETE in Oakland, California. And someone in a red car tries to run him OVER . . . but misses. Then a white car comes flying down the street and DOES nail him. But...
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Photo by Someone took the ridiculous trick play the Indianapolis Colts tried to run on Sunday, and made an eight-bit "Tecmo Bowl" version of it. AND IT IS GLORIOUS.