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A video of a two-year-old experiencing her first drive-thru CAR WASH is making the rounds. And it's funny to watch, because obviously she's not in any actual danger. But for her, it's TERRIFYING, and she keeps covering her head with a blanket.
A Republican congressman from Louisiana named Vance McAllister was caught by a security camera making out with a STAFFER . . . even though he's been MARRIED for 16 years. The staffer was married too. He's the one who brought Willie Robertson from "Duck Dynasty" to Obama's last...
We're not sure where this happened, but there's a video going around of a college professor who makes students answer calls on speakerphone if their phone rings during class. Or at least that USED to be his policy. Because for April Fools' Day, one of his female students had a...
"Game of Thrones" season four premieres this Sunday. And we've seen these before, but someone posted a new version of the opening credits to show what they'd be like if it was an 80's show.
The odds of this are ridiculous. But there's a video online that apparently shows a skydiver almost getting hit by a METEORITE during a jump. Or at least that's what experts THINK it was.
David Ross is the backup catcher for the Red Sox, and he just recreated scenes from the movie "Major League" . . . playing ALL the parts, including the Charlie Sheen , Corbin Bernsen , and Wesley Snipes' characters. But the best part is his spot-on impression of the COACH.