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Photo by A woman and a 13-year-old kid were strapped into a slingshot ride at an amusement park in Wisconsin on Thursday. And right before they launched, one of the bungees SNAPPED. They were still anchored to the ground, so they're okay. Obviously it would have...
Photo by There's a video making the rounds of a Portuguese guy singing "If You're Happy and You Know" with his cat. He sings the words in Portuguese, and the cat meows at the part where you clap your hands.
Photo by A company called Flyguy Promotions makes remote-control planes and helicopters that look like famous movie characters, and they just made a new one of Snoopy flying around on his red doghouse.
Photos by Ariana Grande went to a donut shop, licked some donuts, and said "I hate Americans" when she was shown a bunch of big donuts. What do you think of this? In related news, I like donuts.
Watch the video! Video Not Found Our thanks to Hair Saloon for Men for the great hair cut! Find them online by clicking HERE. Find out more about Locks of Love by clicking HERE.
Photo by A rugby team in the Netherlands came up with a bunch of elaborate handshakes they do during games, and there's a video making the rounds where they do six different ones in about 30 seconds.