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Photo by Some guy posted a video of a homemade laser gun he made that's pretty sweet. The beam is huge, and he can actually light stuff on FIRE with it.
Photo by Remember Crystal Pepsi? It came out in 1992, and tasted like regular Pepsi. Only they didn't add any food coloring, so it was clear. Then they stopped selling it about a year later, because no one (except me and Tony Colombo) was buying it. But some people...
Photo by In a recent interview, JERRY SEINFELD says it doesn't surprise him that comedians like CHRIS ROCK and LARRY THE CABLE GUY don't want to perform at colleges anymore because they're worried about offending students. Jerry said, quote, "I hear that all the...
Photo by A video from 2013 of a guitarist named Clay Shelburn playing "Pride and Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughan blew up online the other day . . . because he plays it on a cheap, children's guitar at Walmart, and ROCKS it.
Photo by This guy told his girlfriend that his brother wanted them to be in an action movie-style video he was making, where people would shoot at them from a helicopter. Then at the end of the last take, the guy got down on one knee, and she said yes.