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Photo by A company called Flyguy Promotions makes remote-control planes and helicopters that look like famous movie characters, and they just made a new one of Snoopy flying around on his red doghouse.
Photos by Ariana Grande went to a donut shop, licked some donuts, and said "I hate Americans" when she was shown a bunch of big donuts. What do you think of this? In related news, I like donuts.
Watch the video! Video Not Found Our thanks to Hair Saloon for Men for the great hair cut! Find them online by clicking HERE. Find out more about Locks of Love by clicking HERE.
Photo by A rugby team in the Netherlands came up with a bunch of elaborate handshakes they do during games, and there's a video making the rounds where they do six different ones in about 30 seconds.
Photo by Someone in Scotland was trying to parallel park their car recently . . . and somehow crashed into a BUILDING. For some reason, they slammed on the gas while they were backing up . . . crashed into the car behind them . . . and then hit the building they...
Pat McGonigle had a harrowing experience recently while he was in a kayak on vacation. Luckily for all of us, he caught the whole thing on his GoPro. Here is his freshly edited and fully produced piece - you're going to love it!
Photo by The FOO FIGHTERS celebrated their 20th anniversary with a Fourth of July concert in D.C. on Saturday. It was their first gig since DAVE GROHL broke his leg falling off a stage in Sweden last month . . . and obviously he still can't stand and perform. So he...
Photo by The people who do the "tiny hamsters eating tiny food" videos posted a new one for the Fourth of July. It's a hamster and a bunch of other undersized animals eating tiny hamburgers and corn on the cob.
Photo by A guy named Mark Dice runs a YouTube channel where he goes out on the street and asks easy questions to show how ignorant people are. He went to a beach in San Diego for the Fourth of July and asked people why we celebrate it, and some of the answers he got...