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Photo by Find more T Rex goodness HERE.
Photo by Some guy on YouTube posted a GoPro parody ad that shows what it's like to work at an OFFICE. Which sounds dumb, but it's set to up-tempo electronic dance music, which makes it kind of funny.
Photo by Some guy took 25 famous jingles for products like Old Spice and Folgers coffee, and combined them all into one song. And in the YouTube video, he plays each one on the piano using the product instead of his fingers.
Photo by The guy who does the "Musicless Music Videos" on YouTube recently started doing a new series called "Speechless Speeches." He takes clips of someone speaking to a crowd, and edits out all the words, so it looks like they walk on stage . . . stand there...
Photo by A cop in Mississippi was on the highway last Tuesday, when a bolt of lightning hit the side of the road right in front of him. And his dash cam got it on video.
Photo by A video of a spider crawling out of a guy's ear went viral over the weekend. But it turns out it's fake. The guy who posted it is named Bruce Branit , and he runs his own special effects company in Kansas City, Missouri. It's still kinda creepy to watch...