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Photo by A video called "Part Chipmunk" is blowing up on Vine right now. It's a guy asking his dog if it ate his tater tots. Then the dog opens its mouth . . . and about ten un-chewed tots fall out. Glover is convinced these are CGI TOTS!
Photo by There was a story yesterday about a fake presidential candidate named "Deez Nuts" polling at 9% in North Carolina, and local news stations around the country had a field day with it. Here is a hilarious montage of reporters saying it over and over again.
Photo by The guys who do the BAD LIP-READING videos now have five million followers on YouTube, and their newest video is a bad lip-reading of the first Republican debate. And at the end, each candidate does their closing statement in the form of a song.
Photo by A reporter in L.A. interviewed a four-year-old before his first day of pre-school on Tuesday. And when she asked if he was going to miss his mom, he said no . . . then immediately started crying, because OF COURSE he missed his mom.
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Photo by Police in Seattle pulled a guy over early Sunday morning for speeding and running a red light, and it turned out his wife was in the passenger's seat having a BABY. So they helped her deliver it right then and there, and posted dashcam footage of it online...