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Photo by A reporter in Nevada was on live TV the other night, asking a guy what he'd do if he hit the Powerball jackpot. And with zero shame, the guy told her he'd go get a bunch of hookers and COCAINE.
Photo by A guy from Ireland was traveling in Australia recently, and Skyped his parents while he was SKYDIVING. He called from the plane . . . waited for them to answer . . . and then jumped. And their reaction was pretty good.
Photo by A guy in California was lucky to survive after he lost control of his car last year, and drove off a cliff. And on the one-year anniversary this week, he posted dash-cam footage of it that's pretty crazy. It happened near L.A., and you can tell how scared...
YOU can get a scarf just like the one Klose is modeling by clicking HERE.
Photo by DONALD TRUMP's first TV spot is everything you'd expect it to be. He vows to "cut the head off ISIS and take their oil", and "build a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay for." Then the ad shows what APPEAR to be Mexicans streaming across what...
Dave Glover and the Dave Glover Band brought in the New Year with all of you! Check out the photo gallery below. View the Gallery Dave Glover's New Years Eve Party 1 of 11 Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Advertisement Advertisement