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Photo by Someone took clips of Darth Vader in "Star Wars" and dubbed in audio of DONALD TRUMP . Of course they did. But it's REALLY well done, so it looks like he's having full conversations with the other characters. The best part is when he tells Luke he's his...
Photo by A video from last year of a pit bull and a deer is making the rounds again. They're on opposite sides of a fence, and keep chasing each other up and down. But it doesn't look like the pit bull wants to hurt it, they're just playing.
Photo by A lot of celebrities have done horrible things and gotten a second chance from the American public. But for some reason, MICHAEL VICK seems like that one guy we just can't forgive. But Vick really tried to make amends. In fact, long after he doesn't have to...
Photo by An eight-second video of a guy dressed as Santa riding a 'hoverboard' scooter is making the rounds. It shows him riding it into a living room and yelling "Merry Christmas" . . . then he crashes into a Christmas tree.
Photo by A woman in Cleveland took her hearing-impaired daughter to meet Santa for the first time at a mall on Saturday. She's looks about three or four years old. When he found out she was deaf, he started talking to her in sign language. SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!