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Photo by Some woman tricked her husband into thinking he was getting an iWatch for his birthday. But then he opened the box...and it was actually a positive PREGNANCY test. And you should check out the video, because he LOSES it, and starts crying.
Photo by "National Geographic" posted a cool video on their Instagram page of a crocodile jumping straight up out of a river to grab a piece of meat. And it jumps so high, its entire body is out of the water, except for the tip of its tail.
Photo by In the past few days, a huge wildfire has destroyed hundreds of homes about a hundred miles north of San Francisco. And a guy who waited a little too long to evacuate posted a pretty crazy video of his drive out. He wrote on YouTube that he didn't realize...
Photo by Welcome to the "Hell Club," the ultimate movie mash up where all of your favorites hang out together.
Photo by A weatherman in Washington D.C. named Mike Thomas went viral back in July, when he did a forecast using TAYLOR SWIFT lyrics. And even though it was pretty lame the first time, he did it AGAIN last Friday, but used MADONNA lyrics this time.
Photo by Some guy went skydiving recently . . . solved a RUBIK'S CUBE on his way down . . . and posted GoPro footage. It takes him just under a minute to solve it, then he pulls his ripcord.