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Photo by A guy at a Red Sox game in Boston puked over a railing during the National Anthem on Wednesday, and a TV camera caught it on video. You can't see what's directly below him, but apparently other FANS were sitting there.
Photo by A reporter named Wendy Burch was in downtown L.A. on Tuesday, reporting on the city's bid to host the Summer Olympics in 2024. And in the middle of it, a guy stepped into frame right behind her, and scared her so bad, she screamed.
Photo by A video of a girl dropping a BABY to catch the bouquet at a wedding is going viral. She looks like she's in her teens. According to the video, it was her little sister and she's okay. Another woman caught the bouquet though, so it was all for nothing.
Photo by A woman in Russia was driving with a leak in her gas tank the other day, when she lit a cigarette and her car burst into FLAMES. Luckily she made it out okay.
Photo by Some guy fell asleep in the backseat of a car, so his friends decided to see how many Twizzlers they could stick in his mouth without waking him up. They managed to fit ELEVEN in there, plus two in his glasses before he came to.
Photo by A stunt driver named Gregg Godfrey set a new world record at an event in Montana over the weekend, by jumping a tractor-trailer 166 FEET. The previous record was 83 feet, so he doubled it. And here it is in slow motion!