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Photo by The WWE posted a holiday edition of their "Bad Lip Reading" knock-off called "Bad Lip Sync". It's a bunch of current wrestlers with new audio dubbed in, so it looks like they're talking about Christmas.
Photo by If you need some inspiration, check out a montage of the best motivational speeches from over 30 different sports movies. Some are them are dramatic, like Al Pacino's speech in "Any Given Sunday" . . . and some are goofy, like Chubbs in "Happy Gilmore" ,...
Check out this old commercial for HOT Dr. Pepper... and check out Tony's Periscope today to see Pat and the DGS try it for themselves!
Photo by It usually takes a full orchestra to play the "Star Wars" theme, but a guy from Atlanta recorded all 31 parts on GUITAR, and ran it through a program to make it sound like the different instruments.
Photo by A YouTube channel that does a series called "100 Years of Fashion" changed it up for the holidays, and posted a new one where they show you the most popular Christmas toys from every decade.