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Photo by CAITLYN JENNER is embracing her new life. On Friday night, she was spotted dancing intimately with a fellow transgender named CANDIS CAYNE . . . at a CULTURE CLUB concert. There have been rumors that they're dating.
Photo by Bryce Dallas Howard's character in "Jurassic World" wears heels through the whole movie. So someone decided to photoshop heels on EVERYONE in the "Jurassic Park" franchise . . . including the dinosaurs.
Photo by A YouTube channel called The Slow Mo Guys features ultra slow-motion videos of weird stuff. They bought a giant balloon that was big enough to fit a PERSON inside, so just his head was sticking out. Then they filled it with water until it popped, and posted...
Photo by After DONALD TRUMP gave out his cell phone number, Senator Lindsey Graham did this video. He hits a phone with a meat cleaver, drops it in a blender, sets it on fire, hits it with a golf driver, chops it with a sword, bakes it in an oven, and drops it off a...
Photo by The KKK marched through Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday, to protest the Confederate flag being removed from the state capitol. So a guy named Matt Buck followed them down the street and played goofy music on his tuba.