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Photo by You know those big vertical wind tunnels that skydivers train in? Well, apparently that's its own sport now, and it's pretty cool. Spain hosted the 2016 Wind Games, where people do tricks in them. And there's a video making the rounds of a crazy...
Photo by Apparently our fascination with screaming goats isn't over. There's a new one where the goat doesn't really sound like a person. It just makes crazy noises and sticks its tongue out a lot. And the woman who's trying to feed it can't stop laughing.
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Photo by And now, for no particular reason, someone created a new version of a LINKIN PARK song . . . using clips from over 180 different movies.
Photo by A reporter in Nashville named Alexandra Koehn was out reporting on the blizzard the other day, when her nose started running. But she just kept talking while mucus was streaming down her face . . . to the point where it was dripping down her lips and onto...