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Photo by The intros at Saturday's Republican debate were a train wreck, because none of the candidates could hear their intros. First Ben Carson didn't hear his, so he stood in the hallway that led to the stage, and the camera just stayed on him the whole time. Then...
Photo by The Bad Lip Reading guys posted part two of their 2016 NFL video last Friday. They're the videos where they take out the audio out, and make it look like everyone's saying different stuff that's ridiculous. You can find part one HERE.
Photos by Honda went the animal route. In their ad, a chorus of sheep sing "Somebody to Love" by Queen because it had been playing in the farmer's truck before he drove off. They stop singing when he comes back. The NFL ran an ad during the Super Bowl based on the...
Photo by A plane landing in Paris got struck by lightning on Wednesday. It didn't do any damage, and the plane landed safely. But a passenger was filming a video out their window when it happened, and got footage of the lightning bolt hitting the tip of the wing.
Photo by Someone turned a running lawnmower upside down . . . threw random stuff into it, like a computer keyboard and a full bottle of water . . . and posted slow-motion footage of it exploding when it hits the blade.