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Photo by FAITH NO MORE rock a nursing home in their new video "Sunny Side Up" and get the residents all riled up.
Photo by There's a 19-second video of a woman dressed as Cinderella when she's in her maid outfit. But then she starts spinning around and unties a few knots . . . and it magically turns into the gown she wears to the ball.
Photo by NASA took a bunch of photos taken by the New Horizons spacecraft when it flew past Pluto back in July, and turned them into a 23-second video that's pretty cool.
Photo by We're not sure when this happened, but there's a video of a crazy guy running around with a MACHETE in Oakland, California. And someone in a red car tries to run him OVER . . . but misses. Then a white car comes flying down the street and DOES nail him. But...
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Photo by Someone took the ridiculous trick play the Indianapolis Colts tried to run on Sunday, and made an eight-bit "Tecmo Bowl" version of it. AND IT IS GLORIOUS.
Photo by A video that appears to show a huge city floating in the clouds in China is going viral. And it really DOES look like a bunch of skyscrapers. Apparently it only lasted a few minutes, but hundreds of people saw it. Then people online started tossing out...
Photo by Here's a video of a three-year-old in New Jersey trying to convince his dad he didn't eat a cupcake. The dad keeps asking if he did, and he keeps saying no even though there's frosting all over his face.
Photo by Here's something you may not have known: Back in 2006, KATY PERRY sang back-up vocals on a P.O.D. song called "Goodbye for Now" . Of course, this was a couple of years before her big breakout, when she was still transitioning from a Christian singer to a...