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Photo by An eight-second video of a guy dressed as Santa riding a 'hoverboard' scooter is making the rounds. It shows him riding it into a living room and yelling "Merry Christmas" . . . then he crashes into a Christmas tree.
Photo by A woman in Cleveland took her hearing-impaired daughter to meet Santa for the first time at a mall on Saturday. She's looks about three or four years old. When he found out she was deaf, he started talking to her in sign language. SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!
A bunch of reporters with cameras were allowed into the attackers' house outside San Bernardino on Friday. And they started broadcasting LIVE, and showed a bunch of documents that were laid out on a bed. The police told the landlord they were done investigating . . . HE let the...
Photo by SCOTT WEILAND was found dead on his tour bus in Minnesota last night. He was 48. There's no word on a cause of death, but he struggled with substance abuse for decades. Scott was on tour with his band The Wildabouts . They were supposed to perform last...
Photo by This is probably the most annoying video of the year, but I find it strangley calming. Someone took 24 different infomercials where BILLY MAYS was the spokesman . . . and made them play simultaneously, so it's just 30 seconds of chaos.
Photo by The drum-off between DAVE GROHL and ANIMAL went down last night at the end of "The Muppets" , and it was pretty awesome. When it was over, their drum sets were pretty much wrecked, and both guys looked at each other and said, "You win."