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Photo by A guy used his drone to record a cannon shooting pumpkins through the air at 200 miles an hour the other day. But he got a little too close, one of the pumpkins knocked the drone out of the air, and caused $500 in damage.
Photo by A skydiving school in Arizona posted a video of an instructor shooting her own parachute with a FLARE GUN, and then pulling her reserve shoot after it burns up. Apparently they did it to show how flammable they are, because it basically disintegrates in two...
Photo by An Uber driver in Costa Mesa, California tried to kick a guy out of his car on Friday, because he was too drunk to give directions. And the guy started PUNCHING him from the backseat, and pulling his hair. His dashcam got it on video, and he had to PEPPER...
Photo by A 25-foot-tall, 350-pound inflatable jack-o-lantern blew around a suburb near Phoenix on Thursday. Luckily no one was hurt.
Photo by There's also a video called "Reverse Trick or Treating." Two guys brought a DOOR with them, and set it up on people's porches before they knocked. Then people would answer their door, knock on THEIR door, and the guys would give THEM candy.