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Photo by An animal expert named Mark Carwardine recently tried to get footage of blue whales for a new BBC documentary, but spent all day on a boat and couldn't find any. So instead, a cameraman recorded him talking about how hard it is to spot them. And right when...
Photo by A guy in Switzerland recently set a world record by jumping off the top of a 193-foot waterfall, and Red Bull posted a video of it. They had to aerate the water he landed in so the impact wouldn't kill him. But it still could have because he hit at over 75...
Photo by A video called "Part Chipmunk" is blowing up on Vine right now. It's a guy asking his dog if it ate his tater tots. Then the dog opens its mouth . . . and about ten un-chewed tots fall out. Glover is convinced these are CGI TOTS!
Photo by There was a story yesterday about a fake presidential candidate named "Deez Nuts" polling at 9% in North Carolina, and local news stations around the country had a field day with it. Here is a hilarious montage of reporters saying it over and over again.
Photo by The guys who do the BAD LIP-READING videos now have five million followers on YouTube, and their newest video is a bad lip-reading of the first Republican debate. And at the end, each candidate does their closing statement in the form of a song.
Photo by A reporter in L.A. interviewed a four-year-old before his first day of pre-school on Tuesday. And when she asked if he was going to miss his mom, he said no . . . then immediately started crying, because OF COURSE he missed his mom.